PROTECT & SERVE™ Tinted Sun Shield
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PROTECT & SERVE™ Tinted Sun Shield

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Give your face the protection it deserves with mybody PROTECT AND SERVE. This double duty formula provides sunscreen protection while giving your face a little color. This tinted make-up primer contains a unique silicone base that provides feather-light smoothness on your skin.

Protect the skin on your face with the ultimate sun protection that PROTECT AND SERVEprovides. The UVA/UVB protection helps to shield your face with an SPF of 30. Free from oils but filled with antioxidants and moisturizers, your skin will experience pure luxury with this skin protection. You will never feel heavy, oily or uncomfortable when you use this product that is meant for any skin type, including aging, acne or sensitive skin.

  • ideal for AGINGSENSITIVE and ACNE skin types
  • protects with 100% physical broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30
  • delivers a healthy daily dose of essential vitamins and antioxidants
  • tint, smooths all skin tones
  • water-free formula appropriate for sensitive and post-procedure skin
  • pH: N/A (anhydrous formula)
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