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Get the best of both worlds with LET ME CLARIFY, a gel that is ideal for acne skin. This gel which retexturizes and refines pores is as powerful as it gets when it comes to acne treatment, but your skin will feel great. LET ME CLARIFY provides your skin with a clean, exfoliated surface that is ready to face the world. As it cleans, it also hydrates and brightens, minimizing the appearance of acne or unsightly breakouts. If you have oily, acne-prone or combination skin, this formula can help to provide you with a powerful line of defense to fight against breakouts and spots due to aging or sensitive spots on your skin. You can achieve a clear complexion without the harmful side effects that other harsh acne treatments cause. Ideal for ACNE skin type, it helps restore a clear, even complexion, gently exfoliates and hydrates and brightens and soothes as it minimizes breakouts.
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